Stager SR-1A

12.733,00 kr.

Alnico-V Ribbon Microphone

With both feet in the past and a brain in the future, the Stager SR-1A is a mammoth ribbon mic with some of the biggest, truest bottom-end you could hope to hear from a ribbon, condenser or anything else! The SR-1A houses massive Alnico-V magnets around a long ribbon in a precision machined aluminum housing. The output transformer, also made by Stager Microphones, is a toroidal design that’s responsible for the deep bass, open, lulling top-end and depth of field.


  • • Dual Alnico-V horseshoe magnets
  • • Toroidal Transformer designed  and made by Stager Microphones
  • • Purely Passive Design
  • • 1.8 micron ribbon thickness
  • • Ribbon Dimensions – 2″ X 0.2″ 
  • • Laser cut pole pieces
  • • Precision machined aluminum, brass and steel construction
  • • Weight – 5lb
  • • Custom colors available
  • • Free Shipping in Continental U.S.


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