Stager Stereo SR-2N

10.287,00 kr.

STEREO NeoDymium Ribbon Microphone

Using the same ribbon, magnet, and transformer as the standard mic, the Stereo SR-2N gives you double the pleasure in a permanently-fixed stereo orientation offering up Blumlein or Mid-Side recording in a sleek, single-point microphone.


Stager’s Stereo SR-2N allows you to effortlessly capture the true stereo image of a piano, drum set, string section, horn ensemble, vocal group, or all of them at once with a certain “aural umami” that must be heard to be tasted.

  • • 2″ x 0.25″ 1.8-Micron Ribbon x2 in crossed figure-of eight configuration
  • • Neodymium Magnets
  • • Proprietary Toroidal Transformers
  • • High Output Passive Design
  • • Sensitivity -46dbV
  • • Shockmount included
  • • Mogami Breakout cable included
  • • Easily Record in Blumlein Stereo or Mid-Side Stereo
  • • 1.33 lbs


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