Audix D2 Trio

3.295,00 kr.

3 x D2 Microphones, 3 x DVICE Mounts, 3 x P1 Microphone Pouches


The Audix D2 Trio is everything you need for miking your toms, all in one convenient package. The tailored frequency response of the D2 drum microphone gives you all the punch, clarity and warmth needed for percussion without being muddy or boomy. The proprietary VLMTM (Very Low Mass) capsule technology provides superior transient response and more accurately captures every detail of your music. The included DVICE mounts let you squeeze these microphones into tight places eliminating the need for bulky microphone stands.


  • Applications

– Rack toms, congas, floor toms
– Guitar and bass cabinets
– Saxophone, brass



  • Quotes:Audix D2- my mic of choice for toms (especially 10’s and 12’s) and bass cabinets. Love the warmth, without needing to add EQ, and they are able to give me an natural, accurate sound. Handles the transients and attack of Victor Wooten’s style of playing, plus the low profile and side/rear rejection is an added bonus for optimal results on Derico Watson and JD Blair’s kits.”-Jack Trifilgo, Production Manager and Front of House Engineer for Victor WootenThe D2 makes getting amazing drum tones quick and easy!”
    -Jerry Guidroz, Front of House Engineer for Winery Dogs and Adrenaline Mob with Mike Portnoy

    The D2 is a great mic for many applications. On drums great on toms and a compact bottom snare mic. It’s low profile a multi purpose tool for me on percussions , electric guitars, leslie low and high mic.”
    -Rance Caldwell, Monitor Engineer for Crosby, Stills and Nash

    Audix D2’s are one of my secret weapon mics — huge and full on toms, perfect on congas, smooth on sax and the tight hypercardioid pattern and high-SPL handling are just the thing in the studio or onstage.”
    -George Petersen, Editor Front of House Magazine


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