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Ultra high-end preamp med 2 kanaler – designet til at optimere båndmikrofonens ydeevne.

Med 80dB ren gain, puster AEA RPQ nyt liv i passive båndmikrofoner, og phantom power sørger for strøm til de aktive.
Der ud over kommer Curve Shaping, som giver mulighed for at tæmme proximity effekten og udvide den fantastiske silke bløde high-end, som båndmikrofoner er kendte for.
Denne preamp får det bedste ud af ALLE båndmikrofoner, og tilbyder en af de mest musikalske og blødeste EQ´s på markedet i dag.
Gå hele vejen med dette fantastiske produkt.


Beskrivelse på engelsk:

AEA RPQ – The Ribbon Pre

The AEA RPQ Ribbon Preamp with Curve-Shaping provides two channels of high-quality, high-gain, low-noise microphone preamplification, and unlike the TRP provides phantom power for active electronics. Particularly well-suited for use with ribbon microphones, it delivers the speed, precision, quietness, and headroom needed for today´s high-resolution recordings. The JFET circuit design generates up to 80 dB of clean and quiet gain, with extended bandwidth from below 1 Hz to beyond 200 kHz, for dynamic range and transient response that complements all of your microphones.

The RPQ´s Curve-Shaper gives you the tools to control your ribbons. Ribbon mics are capable of delivering strong sub-woofer lows, and can have a significant bass proximity effect. Such strong low-frequency content can mask high-frequency intelligibility, so the tunable LF filter was engineered to tame low-frequency energy to appropriate levels.

The HF filter enables you to extend the high end adding a little extra “presence” or “air” to the pickup. The HF filter compensates for the high-frequency roll-off that is inherent to most ribbon microphones, distant mic placement, or an overly “dry” acoustical environment.




Electronics Specifications

  • 80 dB of gain at 1kHz, balanced-in to balanced-out
  • Noise figure, rms A-weighted: < 2 dB
  • EIN < -128 dBu A-weighted, 150 W resistive source
  • Balanced Microphone Input Impedance > 10 kO
  • Green, red, and yellow LEDs indicate line level
  • XLR output max level into 600O load: +28 dBu, balanced; +22 dBu, unbalanced
  • TRS output max level into 100 kO load: +22 dBu, unbalanced

Physical Features

  • Grayhill series 71 stepped gain switch
  • Rotary potentiometers detented at 12:00 o´clock position
  • Metallic blue and steel gray powder-coat finish
  • Silkscreened engraved legends and single line schematic
  • Detachable rack-ears included


  • 1 RU steel and aluminum chassis: 17.25″ w, 11″ d, 1.7″ h (44 cm x 28 cm x 4.3 cm)
  • Weight: 6.75 pounds (3.1 Kg)


AEA RPQ Review
Nov 1, 2009, Mix, by Barry Rudolph
“Tech Reviews – AEA RPQ Ribbon Mic Preamp”
“This is the smoothest EQ I´ve ever heard…The AEA RPQ is an all-around super mic preamp. It caters to the requirements of any ribbon mic with its high gain, low noise, gigantic dynamic range and excellent Curve Shaper section.”

Read the review.


AEA RPQ Review

Nov 1, 2009, Sound On Sound, by Hugh Robjohns

“Product Review – AEA RPQ”

“If you´re a fan of ribbon mics — and you have this kind of budget available — the RPQ is a must-buy product. I was astonished at how much better every ribbon I´ve ever reviewed sounded when it was connected to the TRP preamp as compared to other preamps (whether budget, professional or high-end boutique), and this RPQ version matches that all the way.”

Read the article

AEA RPQ Review

Sept 1, 2009 (#73 UK Edition), TapeOp, by Thom Monahon

“AEA RPQ Mic Preamp”

“The RPQ had so much clean gain that I was easily able to drive a ProTools input into the red … I moved through all the ribbons one by one, marveling at how quiet the preamp was.”

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  1. nikope
    Vurderet 5 ud af 5


    Jeg har før brugt ISA428 (Focusrite) med stor fornøjelse, også på ribbons.
    Men den “crisp” min R84′er får med denne Ribbon pre er fantastisk. Løfter også gerne toppen lidt med curveshaperen.
    Den EQ lyder godt.
    Ikke mindst: RPQ er nem at betjene, og LED “VU-meteret” er en god hjælp, når der skal indstilles gain!
    Ikke så meget at indstille. Bare plug & Play 😉
    Nikolai Bøgelund

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