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Recording Magazine og Sound on Sound jubler over N22.

Her er Recordig Magazines “wrap up”

n22The N22 is not made to be a dis- tance mic, it is meant to be used up close and personal. This is a ribbon that likes to get intimate with a source, and it is not picky if it’s in a bedroom, basement, or big dollar facility. This is easily the most forgiv- ing and intimate ribbon mic I have used. Its sound is equal parts beautiful, natural and well balanced. In more good news for songwriters wanting “one great mic”, it’s AEA’s most affordable ribbon mic yet.

If you think you don’t like ribbon mics, if you’ve ever struggled with placing or get- ting the best sound from a ribbon when you’re used to condensers… or if you’re just plain in the market for a great mic that can tackle most vocal and guitar situations, strings, drum overheads, even voiceovers… please check out the N22. AEA are onto a great new (-vo) direction here.

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Sound on Sound er også glade for N22.
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The recorded result exhibited the fullness and smoothness of a classic ribbon mic, but with more than usually sense of air.
A modern take on the classic ribbon mic, from a top US ribbon microphone manufacturer.

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